Frequently Asked Questions

What our customer usually asked.

We are big Thai developer who start to build condominiums and hotels since 2009. On today we have 7 completed projects, 3 under construction, launched 2 and more coming soon.
According Thai law and Condominium act from 1979 all our buyers have purchase and sale or lease agreement where is stated all guarantees for buyers.
Buying project from big developer with good experience and reputation you have no risks.
Discount and conditions is depend of the project but normally except discounts you also can get return until full completion of the project.
Here is not much difference, both is kind of ownership for which you get the same documents from Land department. Both you can rent out, can sale, can give to successors.
In our agreement we have clause where is says in the event of the death of Lessee Agreement and all its benefits and obligations shall inure and be binding upon all successors including.