Innovative and forward thinking for property developments

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Innovative and forward thinking for property developments

Pioneering developers, Sai and Danny continue to impress with their innovative and forward thinking property developments.


When asked to interview prominent property developers Danny and Sai, I wasn’t sure what to expect. All I knew was that they were extremely busy and with good eason. Since starting Latitude 7 group, the parent company responsible for the highly popular 6th Avenue Surin development, their stellar reputations were created.  heir impressive achievements are widely known and they’ve managed to accumulate a number of condominium and condo-hotel developments in a brief period of time. Foreign investors represent 95% of buyers and a comprehensive strategy taking clients from purchase right through to the management of properties, provides his successful formula.


The site for the interview was Catch Beach Club, Bang Tao. This location was selected in part because they’re loyal patrons of the restaurant but also because their upcoming hotel development will be situated in Bang Tao. It’s easy to understand why they made the decision to invest more than 2 years, finalizing the land deal in order to secure this development. The magnificent views over Bang Tao beach are breathtaking and unlike some Phuket beaches, Bang Tao evokes such a feeling of calmness. Standing near the entrance, Danny and Sai greeted me warmly and I was immediately struck by the quiet confidence this dynamic duo exudes. These are two very strong, intelligent and resourceful people who are always responsive to market trends. It’s been a relatively short period of time since the company’s inception, yet impressive sales records, including 74% of The Peaks Residence Kata Noi being presold and in only 5 months, have amazed the property development community.


In addition to their savvy business practices are their unique dispositions. People in the restaurant, ranging from waiters, waitresses and managers, immediately welcomed them. This wasn’t because they were celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, (who visited the restaurant earlier in the year) but rather, because they are respected and revered in their profession and in the Phuket community. It is abundantly clear that people with whom they come into contact genuinely like them
and in the property development world this speaks volumes. It’s this very personable attitude that distinguishes them, as irrespective of their successes, Danny and Sai remain themselves. The accomplished duo remain kind, humble and approachable, creating innovative property developments that are always market driven.


The pioneering couple have maintained a certain style of business practice very in keeping with Thai culture. They are cognizant of the fact that each person has two ears yet only one mouth and therefore believe one should listen more and talk less. This perspective has afforded them the ability to learn rapidly and surpass their competitors. They know exactly what they are doing and have created their own way of doing business.


After the highly successful 6th Avenue Surin Condominium development comprising a full hotel service style condo-hotel, they began creating their second development. Palmyrah Surin is a tropical paradise, reflective of its name Palmyra, Ton-Taan in Thai, which is a large palm tree with deep historical heritage.
The 166 apartments provide buyers with expertly designed condominiums in a lush tropical setting. It’s an ideal investment opportunity for those seeking to capitalize on the bustling energy of Phuket, whilst still being able to retreat to one of Phuket’s top beaches, Surin beach, located a mere 300m walk away.


The Peaks Residence Phuket provides 435 foreign and Thai freehold luxury seaside condominiums that offer superior contemporary and luxurious designs. Overlooking the majestic blue waters of Kata beach and nestled between the lush mountainous vistas, the development has received an enormous amount of interest and in turn, presales. It is conveniently located whilst still offering the tranquility and peace that is achieved by living atop the hills of Kata Noi. This is one of the last remaining developments that provides spectacular views of the ocean and if you’re familiar with Phuket property then you know that seaside land on where to build is very difficult to secure. Being located only a short stroll away from wonderful restaurants and shopping precinct, The Peaks Residence affords
a much sought after lifestyle.


The Ocean Club Phuket is another exciting project and apart from traditional condominiums and condo-hotels, the co-founders pursued their biggest challenge to date. Adding to their impressive portfolio is the soon to be constructed Bang Tao development. This is an opportunity quite unlike any other. Bang Tao, a trending suburb of Phuket that lies between Surin and Nai Yang beaches, is synonymous with luxury living and boasts some of the most prestigious resorts and villas in
Phuket. With a pristine beach spanning 4km (6 miles) seemingly untouched by human interference, it’s easy to understand why this is one of the most desired destinations in Phuket. It is home to many magnificent 5 star resorts and condominiums, as well as thriving retail strip malls such as Boat Avenue.


After securing one of the last remaining beachfront parcels of land, the couple are now contemplating their preferred hotel partner for the development of a 5 star resort. While no final decisions have been made at this time, discussions have been ongoing with a prominent hotel brand. Other hotel brands may still have the opportunity to vie for the coveted partnership, in order to become part of a truly exceptional hotel concept. The brand aligned with the development
will manage the 235 room hotel comprising 45sqm apartments.


Danny and Sai commented that many people want to purchase a property in Phuket but are unsure about the best ways to approach it. This development offers buyers an alternative to the usual condo, villa and house options. Here, buyers and even new buyers entering the market can invest in a property that is part of a hotel operation. In this way,


“buyers will not only reap the rewards of gaining a regular income stream but will also be afforded the opportunity to use that investment whilst on vacation in Phuket”.


This exclusive concept offers investors the possibility of “testing the waters” in Phuket, with the option to sell back the property should they so desire. This model is the ideal vehicle for new investors hoping to better understand the Phuket property market with very low risk. It enables them to receive a great ROI thanks to its enviable beachfront location. While Phuket is known for attracting retirees to the island, this development will also attract a younger demographic seeking to ‘tap into’ the real estate sector.


When asked whether their business model and focus were changing as a result of this new type of development, the duo explained that “we always want to be forward thinking and innovative”. “We are not abandoning our core market” but rather have cleverly chosen to expand based on what the market is dictating.
Building and construction plans are being finalised and construction is expected to commence in the summer of 2018. When one looks at any of their condominium
developments, it becomes immediately evident that a sophisticated aesthetic, décor and design are applied to all their purpose-built properties. This thoughtful business insight is one of the key philosophies that separates the dynamic duo from many other property developers. The company’s business model and ethos reflect lifestyle living at its best.


Danny and Sai are pioneering a new type of business practice in Phuket, demonstrating that businesses can flourish while still maintaining a forward thinking attitude and ethical principles. The dynamic team is planning on doing a lot more than creating superb condominiums, as they want to focus on helping the
community they’ve been part of for so many years. Their upcoming hotel development will donate a portion of the rental income generated to charity. “We need to focus our attention on helping the community and children in need, which is why we would also like to create an orphanage with the support of our clients and projects. We must all do our part to help those in need”. You will seldom hear them discuss such philanthropic endeavors because another fascinating fact is their humility. This is probably the reason for their enormous success and what I predict will be a very long and prosperous career for them both.


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