Laying Foundation Stone : Oceana Surin

512 viewers / 2 May 2019

Laying Foundation Stone : Oceana Surin

As a great occasion for the Oceana Surin today. The laying foundation stone is considered as a great start of the project. Telling the spirits and gods over the area that a construction is about to start. Begging their power to support and get rid of those obstacle and enemies away. 


The ceremony started at 8:29 - considering as the best moment to do start the day. Brahman priests spell their sentences with the tribute food before them. Persuade the gods and spirits to witness the rite. And finalize with putting the sacred samples - bricks, gems, leaves and stone into the initial pillar. 


Around 100 guests invited into the ceremony today. All of them come with joy to share the very cheerful moment of a new standard project built right in front of Surin beach. This will be a magnificent buildings in the area. Soon be finished in 2022. For more information please visit :

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