New Property for sale in Phuket - The Peaks Residence

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New Property for sale in Phuket - The Peaks Residence

Kata Noi is one of the best 25 beaches in Asia from Tripadvisor review 2017. With the 1km. long and quite private sandy beach. Backgrounded with wall of pine trees. Soft powder-like sand beach is cannot get you away from walking while sunset or fresh breeze in the morning. Some activities can be doing here - swimming, snorkeling and surfing in monsoon season (May - Oct). Going here from the airport is approximately 1 hour (exclude the traffic). 

It would be so very nice to watch the sunset every day from your bedroom's window, wouldn't it? Not so many chances of luck among those people can take it. One of the reason is the land price in Phuket especially for the best zone is very high. Secondly is the land law where is prohibited for some areas. Kata Noi is also one of those limitations.

 The Peaks Residence is one of the the property built on the Kata hill. With the slope down hill. Facing to the sea in the west. Every day, each room can see the sunset nearly the same. The Peaks Residense is consists of 416 Foreign and Thai Freehold sea view luxurious units with superior contemporary and sophisticated designs. Start building the project in 2017 but it's already open for sell contact here for your reservation.

Because the property at The Peaks Residence is Freehold so it means:

  • - You won’t have to pay annual ground rent
  • - You don’t have a freeholder either failing to maintain the building, or charging huge amounts for it
  • - You have responsibility for maintaining the fabric of the building – the roof and the outside walls
  • - Whole houses are normally sold freehold


It is very great choice for the investor. If you want to buy it for rent in the near future (the project supposed to be done in 2020). It is a good idea to reserve some when you can. Who knows how much the price will changed when it's finish. But  one thing for sure is you cannot get this price and promotions within 3 years ahead. 

The latest inbound tourist in Phuket this year 2017 is 90% occupancy. 70% is foreigners - Chinese, Russian, Australian and Europian. Good sign to do the business in the next few years. The global economics seems getting better as people travelling more and pay. Main constuctions in Phuket - Tunnels, Roads and politics are getting in shape and mostly done within a few years. So, since then the property in Phuket is unstoppable. 

Reserve your property at The Peaks Residence, Kata Noi, Phuket NOW! Click Here!!!

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