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Situated in the tropical island of Phuket, Thailand, The Peaks Residence composes of 416 Foreign and Thai Freehold sea view luxurious units with superior contemporary and sophisticated designs. 

Overlooking the idyllic Kata Noi Beach, famed for being one of the cleanest and pristine beaches on the island of Phuket yet remaining a mere short distance away from the commercial areas and restaurants of Kata Beach, The Peaks Residence offers a touch of serenity in one of the last available sea view sites on Phuket's renowned and desirable west coast.

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 The Peacks residence is also one of the best quality property development in Phuket. On the slope cliff where you can always see the sea 24/7. With the unique type of the property that well planned before construction. And we care every step of the building. Every single square inch of the area is valuable. The view outside the room is too big for you to fulfill the stay. The location of The Peaks Residence is in the hug of the moutain in Kata zone. There are 3 beaches to be seen from the view point - Kata Noi, Kata and Patong beach. But we're already own one - Kata Noi for you. 

The quality built can be told from the very first step when you walk in. The built-in furniture with functionality and quality that you can tell by just touch it. The fridge to the right, opposit to  the closet on your left. A comfortable see-through toilet with bathub where you can stretch yourself in. A 6ft bed and a modern built-in adjustable kitchen - or so, area. 

This can be told as one of the best property in Kata, Phuket. Not only because the prime location that the property developer chosen to built this project up. But also the neat of every process they are into too! Comparing to the prime area with superb view like this in Phuket you have to spend more than this. For just only the view - Patong area for example. 

The property developer claimed that the project will be completely handed to the investor / redicence within the middle of 2020. Let's say this is 2018 (by the time writing this article was 12/2017) It is just only 2 years ahead for the waiting. This is nothing to think about when you're looking forward to the value that you can get it back from the investment. Within 2 years the price of propery in Phuket would rise at least tripple from now. By then the business should be florish so to the global economics. 

The Peaks Residence itself, for the view of the investors. Sees that it can be one of the biggest spotlight of property in Phuket within a few years. When the big invesment influx from the outside - Chinese, Russian for example. The money will spread out through the making-of-income. With the payback guaranteed rate they provide around 5 - 7% annually per unit. The challenge is here "per unit" - meaning the more you invest the higher profit you'll earn.

So this is one of the best property in Phuket. Where it is easy to make a profit within years and the income is guarantee at 5 - 7%. The project is built under the supervision by one of the best Property Developer in Phuket - Ocean Group Asia.

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