7 wonders in Bangtao beach

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7 wonders in Bangtao beach

Bangtao beach is not yet well known counting back in 10 years round comparing to Patong or it's neighbor - Surin beach. Even Bangtao beach is greather than Surin beach either the size and the length of the shoreline. But still its quietter than its neighbor. Because the way to reach Bangtao beach which is a little hiding from the main road. 

By the wah, a decade later. Things have change and google map knows it. So Bangtao beach is a little crowded and being another option from the most popular beach. By this time writing a topic, most of the famous beach in Phuket is forbidden of the beach chairs and umbrellas. But guess what, this is the only beach in the prime area where these facilities existed. 


Bangtao Ocean Club


So, what's interesting around Bangtao beach? Well, I'll list 7 things I can see from my side of Bangtao beach as following:

  1. Clean and tidy beach
    I can tell you from my eyes and with after a few times strolling along the beach. Not only the government order to keep the beach clean. But the locals and also to the vendors along the beach. They already knows that on top of the beautiful words on the internet to describe the beauty of Bangtao beach. The cleaniness of the beach where can tell the mindful and responsibility to welcome them tourists is more important. Before the soldier government taking the seat. The beach was somehow dirty and mess. Because of the umbrella and beach chairs. Some place those facilities invaded into the sealine and hard to walk nor find the nature conditions. One secret here, even the law says no beach facilities. But at Bangtao beach, is just like a privilege. You can lay your back sipping your favorite drink on the beach chair under beach umbrella. 

  2. Beach Activities, Bars and Clubs
    Along the beach of Bangtao, there're number of restaurants and shops waiting for you to drop by. Seafood, local food, bars, massage shop, beach club or even an exchange box. Let's say this, this beach is plenty of entertainment and full of life along the shoreline. The beach chairs will be removed after the sunset. So you'll have a bigger space to stroll along or even better for the sunset shots with clear beach. 

  3. Shopping center
    Well, a travelling place and shopping sometimes it's nothing to do with. But believe it or not, it's a bond especially for ladies. Ranging from the local vendors to the department stores. From a beach slilppers to a brand name bag in a big shop. Leather shop, seafood restaurant, rental shops. You can find these shops in the walking range or even hire a taxi to a bigger department store downtown. 

    Bangtao Ocean Club - New hotel in Bangtao

  4. Weather
    There're mainly 2 different weathers in Phuket - Summer and Monsoon. The rain starting from May to October and the rest of the years is shiny. The best time to visit the beach and relax here is from December to January and yes, it's a peak season. So, what's the different between the season? Of course, the weather the sun is shying in the monsoon season and also to the beach is shorter and dirtier than the peak one. Because of the tide and winds blowing the junk from the outside sea. Sometimes you can find a bottle from india or even the far ocean ashored too.

  5. Prime Location
    This is the key to success of Bangtao beach. Its location is (let's say) the capital of travelling places. 30 minutes from the Phuket International Air Port and downtown. 20 minutes to Patong beach. 10 minutes to the nearest bank and department store. The hotel can be found repeatly along the beach. The transportation either the local and mass one is operated.

    Bangtao Ocean Club - new hotel in Bangtao

  6. Easy transportation
    Wherever you want to go from Bangtao Beach. Just say it, because all kinds of the transportation are here. Ranging from a rental bike to a lemusine. A longtail boat to a luxury yacht. Or even take a helicopter to see the island with the bird eyes view.

  7. Investment opportunity
    For those tourists who wants to make their profits after the visit. Yeah, there're still some chances waiting for. Either the short term or long term. Each year the tourist visiting Phuket with big wallet and ready to pay for their holidays. The local tours is the first priority. New destination is introducing every year. And the property business here is still rising. 

    One of the prime propject is on the go is Bangtao Ocean Club. This is a new hotel with 196 rooms ,4 floors from 6 buildings from Building A to F. All the certifications and permission granted. Starting to build in 2018 and last for 2 years. This will be another landmark of Bangtao beach in the near future. 


Bangtao Ocean Club - New hotel in Bangtao

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